Sulu Sou Ka-hou

Sulu Sou Ka-hou is an elected legislator and vice chairman of the New Macao Association
Sulu Sou Ka-hou is an elected legislator and vice chairman of the New Macao Association. Born in 1991, he graduated from the Department of Political Affairs at the National Taiwan University. Since joining the New Macau Scholars Association in 2011, he has been involved in public affairs in Macau. He initiated the free entry and exit procedures for Hong Kong and Macau students travelling to Taiwan, formed a group to lobby for domestic violence legislation, and led a successful movement in 2014 to protest against increased retirement packages for government officials. So far this year, Sulu has made 9,213 votes on behalf of the Association and recently entered the Legislative Council as the youngest member of the Legislative Council.
- What’s your idea of a perfect day?
A day with choices and freedom is a perfect day. When everybody can make their own choices about how they want to live their life. 
- If you could go back in time to any event in history, what would it be?
I would like to return to before the Handover of Macau, so I could contribute to the discussions about the transfer of sovereignty between China and Portugal, how to protect the original appearance of Macau society, and the way of life of the local people.
- And your favorite singer / band?
I prefer Cantonese music, like some of the more socially inspired singers, such as Hong Kong's Beyond.  He is not my age, but his songs reflect parts of society at those times, for me. When I felt down in the past, or faced with unpleasant situations at work, these songs inspired me to keep going. 
- Who is your hero? 
I actually do not have any idol or hero, because I believe that in a healthy society there should not be a hero or any idol. There are a lot of political figures in Hong Kong who have inspired me a lot. I think that anyone who is willing to use their life to break the system, although they may not be a big person, they may be just an ordinary student, but they are my hero.
- What can always cheer you up when you are having a bad day?
Having a good rest. I think this is very important. When you take a break, or sleep, a lot of things will not be as bad as you think. When the new day comes, you may have a clearer mind to make better decisions.
- What’s your worst habit?
I feel a lot of time my own standards are too high and too strict.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and very obsessed with my own performance. This puts a lot of pressure on me so I need to slowly improve.
- If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Vegetarian. Ordinary is a blessing.
- If you could retire tomorrow what would you do?
I want to enjoy life, see more things, go to more places to know more things and touch more people. I want to help others to get more enjoyment out of life.
- What’s your favourite season or festival?
I like the summer because it is full of vitality, full of enthusiasm, full of possibilities of the season.  It’s also when my birthday is.
What’s your favourite place in Macau?
I like Sai Wan Lake. It has a sense of history, a sense of leisure, and it has a lot of memories of the past, including my social work. There is more and more development in the city, the city is busier and busier, so I need a place to breathe.