Relaxing Aromas

The sweet smells of scented and essential oil products at Enxins
The bustling sidewalks of Avenida de Horta e Costa can be unsettling sometimes, so if you want to escape the crowds, pay a visit to Enxins.Located on the street corner opposite Pui Ching Middle School, the interior of the shop is permeated with a soothing aroma, which has a calming effect on you as soon as you open the door.
Enxins was founded by Yves Wu in 2013, opening the first store near Tap Seac Square. The brand focuses on providing customers with grooming, scented and essential oil products. Yves says that he established the brand in order to bring products to Macau that carry a sense of the orient, with natural ingredients such as herbs as their major components.
Originally from Taiwan, Yves always used these types of products before he moved to Macau and notes that similar products with natural components are very common in Taiwan. These products are part of the lifestyle there for many, but when he arrived in Macau, he found that there were very few stores selling them here.
“Most of the brands you can find in the big hotels are from Europe or America, which are high-end and high price. It's not so convenient to buy them either, as you need to travel there, so not a lot of people like to use those products. Since I always use them, and sometimes I used to go back to Taiwan to buy them, I thought to myself: why don’t I bring these products to Macau if I can?  So I decided to open my own shop.”
When he first opened his Tap Seac store, Yves recalls that there were very few people who knew about it.  Many of his early customers at that time were expecting mothers who were looking for grooming products made with ginger.
“In the beginning, the most sort after products were those made purely with ginger, like shampoo, shower gel and hand cream. As for our Horte e Costa shop, the major products are essential oils and scents.”
Yves observes that female customers seem to understand and appreciate natural products much more than their male counterparts.
“Women usually use skin care products more frequently. And they want to introduce some good products to the next generation after they get married and have kids. So in general they are more aware of the benefits of natural products.”
Apart from continuing to focus on grooming, scented and essential oil products, which help customers shape the aroma of their living space, Yves says Enxins will soon begin to explore selling Taiwanese high-mountain tea, with some items already available at their Tap Seac store.