A Feast for the Senses

Two new additions to MGM MACAU's gastronomic lineup

After months of conscientious preparations, MGM MACAU has added two new gems to its gastronomic line-up with the opening of North and South. Located at Square Eight, the two new dining venues collect exquisite cuisines from different parts of China, striving to offer epicures an exciting and novel culinary and visual experience.

Art has always been a very important part of MGM MACAU, and the property is also well-known for having an exceptionally high standard of decorations. In order to create the best design for the new dining venues, MGM invested US$7 million in the reconceptualization process, and invited renowned local artist Victor Marreiros and established calligrapher Mok Wa-kei to add colour and character to both North and South, offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy some delicate cuisine, while appreciating brilliant artworks.

In both North and South, guests can find some 24 art pieces by Victor Marreiros as well as 14 of Mok Wa-kei’s calligraphies. To create an atmosphere similar to that of a southern Chinese street market, the ceiling in South is painted blue, with steamers placed at the entrance, and seats designed like they are on a terrace. The interior design also employs bamboo and wooden boxes, making it easy for one to imaging being in a street market, enjoying some authentic southern Chinese food.

On the wall of South are 18 portraits, again by Victor Marreiros. The people in the portraits are all from different eras, discernable by the different costumes they are wearing. But they all share one feature - all of them are either enjoying some noodles or a cup of tea, something that reflects the style of this particular part of China.

Among the portraits is one that features the famous Portuguese poet, Luís de Camões in the Camões Grotto – one of the finest examples of the artist’s style.

Moreover, in order to better showcase Mok Wa-kei’s calligraphy, MGM first scanned the characters written on the xuan paper, before printing them out and putting them on the surface of light-boxes. This way, the characters become even more vivid for guests to appreciate.

Compared with the decoration style of South, the interior decorations of North reflect an extra quality of nobility, giving people the impression of being inside a Beijing Siheyuan or courtyard style house. Different sizes and styles of vases are placed throughout the restaurant, from the entrance to the shelves inside.

Victor Marreiros’ paintings can also be found in North. Some of the subjects include the Empress Dowager Cixi and well-known Peking opera singer Mei Lanfang.

As for the food, MGM MACAU has assembled an outstanding team to prepare dishes of the four grand Chinese cuisine traditions - Shandong, Sichuan, Canton and Huaiyang. Team members hail from different parts of China, bringing with them some of the most extraordinary culinary skills.

To allow guests to witness the birth of great dishes, there are three open kitchens set up in North and South, including a fry kitchen, a noodle kitchen and a 360 degree transparent grill, further igniting the appetite of patrons.

Operating Hours:
North: 11am to 1am, seven days per week
South: 24 hours, seven days per week

Enquiries and Reservation:
North: (853) 8802 2388
South: (853) 8802 2389