Delights of Hokkaido

Yamazato – Hokkaido cuisine promotion

Hokkaido is renowned for the high quality and freshness of its seafood, which is one of the northern island’s biggest attractions and its wide farmlands offer other famed agricultural products.

Yamazato offers delights of Hokkaido cuisine with the best selected ingredients such as Kinki fish, Hairy Crab and Whelk Clam. The Kinki Fish, with its red body and black spot on the back, has an elegant richness and skin with an “Umami” taste, which contains nutritious fatty acids (polyunsaturated), vitamin E and other minerals. The skin’s red pigment contains an antioxidant supplement that helps fight the signs of aging while supporting joint and skeletal health. Yamazato has selected “Tsuri Kinki” brand caught by Ship No. 58 Shokimaru from Abashiri Hokkaido. Though there are different ways of fishing Kinki, the “Tsuri” is one of the fishing methods that are not using fish net to catch Kinki which has less damage and become a high valuable, exclusive fish with a very limited production.

Hairy Crab is another highlighted ingredient for the promotion and this crab is smaller than other crabs, but it offers a deep and rich flavor. Hokkaido’s fisherman catch Hairy Crab throughout the year with the most delicious crab being caught from spring to summer in the Okhotsk Sea given the fact that these crabs have feasted on plankton located on drift ice during the winter. The crab meat has a rich taste which is sweet and creamy and these unique crabs are shipped to Yamazato from Japan encased in native seawater to keep the crab fresh and nutritious.

All dishes are created from carefully selected ingredients and crafted by Executive Chef Akira Hayashi to provide the finest tasted to all our guests so that they may experience the unique taste of Hokkaido.

A la carte menu highlights items:

Whelk Clam price starts from MOP480

Japanese Hairy Crab price starts from MOP 1,580

Kinki Fish price starts from MOP 1,680

The Hokkaido inspired set-lunch or dinner also be available with the below prices.

Hokkaido inspired Set-Lunch menu: MOP580

Hokkaido inspired Set-Dinner menu: MOP 1,580


Prices are subject to 10 % service charge

Available Date: May 22 to July 1, 2018

For reservations and enquiries: (853) 8883 5127

Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: 12:00-15:00 and 17:30-22:00 (Last order 21:30)

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