Cut & Rework

In Collaboration with The Closeteur
In this ​issue, we bring you some upcycling tips and ideas on making what you thought was a mistake-of-a-purchase, into your next fave piece. The best part is, you definitely won’t have to worry about running into someone with the same thing on. Read on to find out how ​I added some personal touches for a truly unique and eye-catching piece.
Look no further than Instagram, to find out what the top street style stars are wearing and know that brands such as RE/DONE and Vetements are all about REWORK  i.e. taking what’s old (and over-stocked) and changing it up to give it new LIFE. For this edition, we’re taking boxy and oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts, and giving them a facelift. All you really need is a pair of scissors, but you can also go the extra mile by adding grommets and laces.  I would suggest that you gather some ideas and decide what look or combinations of looks you want before you get too scissor-happy - once you start snipping, there’s no turning back!  For this project, I will be using grommets and laces to make one awesome pull-over.
What you need: scissors, ribbons, and a grommet tool, chalk for marking
1 - Lay your sweatshirt/t-shirt flat and inside out on a table, mark with chalk where you want to cut it. For this project, I went for a deep V front and back.
2 - Before you start cutting, make sure that the seams and darts match to prevent any irregular shapes. Of course, feel free to make it irregular on purpose if you want! Then start cutting.
3 - Once you are finished cutting, perhaps have a friend try it on for you so you can fix any uneven areas. This may also give you ideas to do more to your sweatshirt. 
4 - Once you’re happy, lay it flat again, and lay out your grommets. Mark it with the chalk, or use a sharp tool to poke a hole through it - it doesn’t have to be any bigger than just a small hole. 
5 - Make sure that it is aligned properly before you start hammering away! Then use your grommet tool - with caution!
6 - Lace it up and it’s all done!
​> > > DIY with @hayleylyla