Closer Beats #JUNE 2017

Our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to


Can’t take your finger off the Play button? You’ve come to the right place. We sort the wheat from the chaff in all things music for you, bringing you our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to out there, near and far.  Trust us, we’ve got this covered.
No Shape  
Perfume Genius
Perfume Genius is the stage name for Seattle-based solo artist Mike Hadreas who has been making music since 2008. His fourth album sees him shift emotional gears to an altogether more assured place, with the 13 tracks on No Shape freely wheeling into experimental terrain with utter ease. When a passion is this daring and unbridled, saddle up and enjoy the ride. 
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Jenny Hval, Arca, Antony and the Johnsons
The first new release in 22 years for the British rock band Slowdive proves they haven’t lost their original mastery of shoegaze that made them beloved in the first place, but their latest offering combines it with dream pop in a far more accessible manner.  Described by many as the band’s most engaging, varied, and eclectic album to date, they still manage to fill it with plenty of distortion, reverb, and other effects. A winning formula for past and future fans
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My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain
Leslie Feist
Ever since she began her solo career in 1999, Canadian musician Leslie Feist has proven herself to be an artist who glows with relaxed assuredness and authentic positivity. On Pleasure there is unexpected rattle of early PJ Harvey (on tracks like Pleasure) as the album spends 11 songs examining matters of life and all that comes with it. On her fifth album, Feist has invited listeners into an introspective world, taking them on a raw adventure that never fails to sursprise.
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Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor
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Ariana Grande 
Dangerous Woman Tour
21 / 09 / 2017
Thursday  8:00 PM
AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena
The 23-year-old singer will be visiting Hong Kong as part of the Asian leg of her Dangerous Woman tour, following concerts in Manila and the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. With three albums to her name, the singer has earned a host of prizes from the MTV Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, the National Youth Theatre Association Awards, a couple of Grammy nominations and even the odd billboard award.