Our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to

Can’t take your finger off the Play button? You’ve come to the right place. We sort the wheat from the chaff in all things music for you, bringing you our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to out there, near and far.  Trust us, we’ve got this covered.


Ti Amo   
On their sixth album the nonchalant Versailles music makers turn their attention to an idealised Italy, one where pistachio ice cream and 70s screen stars reign supreme. In the 17 years since their iconic first album, United, the French quartet favour adult-oriented synth-rock over the fluid powerpop that made their name. Ti Amo may very well end up being your summer soundtrack, the optimistic carefree energy providing a reflector from the chaotic times we are riding.
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Cut Copy, MGMT, Two Door Cinema Club
Crack Up
Fleet Foxes
After a six-year hiatus the much loved Fleet Foxes return with their third album, a nest of dense folk compositions from a band who are no strangers to complex acoustic webs. Keeping their position as one of the best folk rock bands around, expect a progressive trip through the 11 tracks on this intense album. 
Give it a spin if you like: 
Father John Misty, Tunng, Grizzly Bear
Portugal. The Man
On the band’s eighth album, they have 'set about creating a record that seeks to inspire people to do something about the “avalanche of flaming biohazard material sliding down a mountain of used needles into a canyon full of rat faeces” that is our current world.’ No word mincing in sight. An album that constantly shifts gears, taking you everywhere.
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Modest Mouse, Deerhunter, Dr. Dog
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4 / 08 / 2017
MacPherson Stadium
Hong Kong
Joe Jonas, formerly of the Jonas Brothers, brings his new band DNCE to Hong Kong for the first time. Breaking away from pop titans The Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas’ new(ish) outfit DNCE are a much more lively proposition, their dance-rock anthems somewhat reinventing the 27-year-old’s musical image, and he’s arguably all the better for it.