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Our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to
Can’t take your finger off the Play button? You’ve come to the right place. We sort the wheat from the chaff in all things music for you, bringing you our definitive guide to what’s worth listening to out there, near and far.  Trust us, we’ve got this covered.
Fever Ray
Eight years after a self-titled debut as Fever Ray, The Knife’s Karin Dreijer has returned with a new surprise album. On Plunge Dreijer sounds angsty and unnerving, but the creepy, controlled menace is mostly replaced by something more fidgety, its songs thrumming with nervous excitement and strange, sci-fi-like sounds. We are witnessing a very bold artist at her boldest.
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The Knife, Arca, Zola Jesus
Aldous Harding  
Party is Aldous Harding’s second album, recorded in England under the auspices of John Parish who also produced PJ Harvey. So far, so great. But Harding doesn’t need to ride on the coat tails of anyone, no matter how great. She is her own woman, an arresting vocalist with shape shifting capacity – from chanteuse to jazzy – that made her one of 2017’s most talked about singer-songwriters.
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Torres, Kevin Morby, Sharon van Etten
Bajas Fresh  
Bitchin Bajas 
Chicago-based instrumental bliss-out trio, Bitchin Bajas, have created a dynamic set of “patterned tones, docile drones and burbling dervishes” that put the mojo in meditative music. Seven tracks that span 80 minutes, including their longest to date, the 23-minute and 3-second 2303. Though no track is a radical departure, Bajas Fresh is the group’s most diverse and ambitious record so far.
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Cave, Food Pyramid, Bonnie Prince Billy
Like it Live ?  
The xx are Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith. The London based trio have released three hugely acclaimed albums to date - the Mercury Music Prize winning debut xx and its follow up, Coexist - which have sold over 2.5 million copies between them. After the release of Coexist, Jamie xx released his own debut solo album - 2015’s In Colour - which went on to become one of the year’s most critically and commercially successful electronic records.  The group released their highly anticipated third LP I See You in January of this year, to both popular and critical acclaim.
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