A Chance to Help

For the second year, Orbis is launching the ‘Darkness to Go’ initiative, which aims to involve top m


For the second year, Orbis is launching the ‘Darkness to Go’ initiative, which aims to involve top merchants, designers, multimedia producers and media organizations to join hands with the public to contribute to sight-saving with ease and convenience. 
The ‘Darkness To Go’ campaign runs from July 8 to August 20, and warmly invites everyone in Macau to help eradicate darkness from needlessly blind lives by buying selected ‘Darkness To Go’ items at participating merchants. Merchants will then donate all or part of each item’s sales revenue to support Orbis’s sight-saving work worldwide. Better still, the more you spend at appointed merchants, the more chance you can win prizes in the lucky draw after the campaign to own a newly designed Orbis Flying Eye Hospital limited gift.

To give Macau citizens an incredibly easy way to support this initiative in their daily lives, Orbis has invited 60 or so merchants like restaurants, hair salons, boutiques, toy stores, medical centers, florists, learning centers, pharmacies and more to join this campaign. These merchants are helping to build Macau’s economy by carrying their own brands and unselfishly helping others less fortunate than themselves to restore their eye-sight and transform their lives. 

Similar to the previous year, OCBC Wing Hang Orbis credit card users can support by pulling out their cards at any merchants in Macau. For every local transaction they make with their card during the campaign period, the bank will double its usual 0.3% donation by pledging fully 0.6% of the purchase value to Orbis!

Regardless of whether you are a local citizen, a store owner, a design guru or a media bigwig, your support is vital in helping the needlessly blind to escape from darkness by supporting ’Darkness To Go’ this year.

Orbis is a leading global non-governmental organisation that has been a pioneer in the prevention and treatment of blindness for over 30 years. Orbis transforms lives by delivering the skills, resources and knowledge needed to deliver accessible quality eye care. Working in collaboration with local partners including hospitals, universities, government agencies and ministries of health, Orbis provides hands-on ophthalmology training, strengthens healthcare infrastructure and advocates for the prioritization of eye health on public health agendas. Orbis operates the world’s only Flying Eye Hospital, a fully accredited ophthalmic teaching hospital on board an MD-10 aircraft.
Orbis Macau was formally established in 2006 to raise awareness of the global problem of blindness and appeal to the public to lend a helping hand to help patients with eye diseases. Over the years, Orbis Macau has worked hard to actively mobilize funds to save the blind, while at the same time sparing no effort to enhance public awareness and concern about eye diseases. Orbis Macau has cooperated with business organizations and schools to convey eye care information to employees, teachers and students, to encourage them to cherish a pair of healthy eyes.