Aerial Photography Exhibition “Surface Revealed”

Chan Hin Lo’s work captures unique views of Macau’s landscape with uplifting abstract compositions


Taipa Village Cultural Association takes great pleasure in presenting a pioneering aerial photography exhibition “Surface Revealed”. Conceived by leading national photographer Chan Hin Io, the exhibition offers an artistic view of Macau’s landscape captured by sophisticated drone technology. 

Chan Hin Io is a leading light in China’s photography scene and one of Macau’s most prolific freelance photographers. His photographic artworks focus intensely on people, events and heritage sites, and chronicle the development of his beloved Macau. Some of his works are featured in the collections of the Macau Museum of Art and the Archives of Macau.

“The exhibition offers a unique vision using drone photography, a relatively new and emerging art form that reveals to the naked eye the grand design of the urban landscape in conjunction with the natural environment” says João Ó, President of Taipa Village Cultural Association’s executive board. “These aerial shots were intentionally framed to capture orthogonal views of the earth’s surface and disclose visual compositions that can turn recognizable, eye-level street views into uplifting abstract compositions. The selection criterion for this exhibition was based on the aesthetic qualities and the plasticity charged in each image as if it was a painting, in detriment to the referential elements of the urban fabric of streets and city squares.” 

In the exhibition, Chan showcases compositions from different perspectives, including colourful views of reclamation zones and tightly-restricted construction sites, as well as the everyday lives of local people immersed in their specific surroundings. The lively scenes can be reflected in photos of Hac Sa Beach, a lonesome fisherman on the seashore at Long Chao Kok, a grand feast at Barra Square during the Tin Hau Festival, and a dragon boat training session on Nam Van Lake. All these images capture the social dynamics that constitute the pulse of the city. 

As the year-end show at Taipa Village Art Space, this awe-inspiring collection marks another step in transforming Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavour, and provides a valuable addition to the diversity of the artwork at the venue. The exhibition provides a further boost to the goal and vision of Taipa Village Cultural Association in promoting the local art, cultural and creative industries, as well as fostering the sustainable development of non-gaming tourism in Macau.

Exhibition period: 5 th December 2018 – 8 th February 2019

Opening hours: 12 noon to 8:00 pm (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday)

Venue: Taipa Village Art Space, 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau

Artist: Chan Hin Io

Media: Drone photography

Admission: Free