「My Humble Words」Graffiti Activities

Local Graffiti Pioneer"PIBG"
Graffiti activities ‘My Humble Words’ comes to the University of Macau

On 24 April, the University of Macau Year 4 Communication students will host their annual 16th Communication Festival (COMMFEST) with the highlight being a graffiti activity entitled ‘My Humble Words’. Two graffiti pioneers, “SIK (Chen Jun)” from Zhuhai and local artist “PIBG” are going to share their creative inspirations on the walls of the University of Macau. The event is designed to encouraged “Generation Y” to reveal and express themselves through visual arts and embrace their own creativity.

“Macau Universities and Institutes seldom establish art programmes. We can hardly see graffiti on the street walls. Therefore, we hope all participants can enjoy the fun of spraying on the 7.32 meter long, 2 meter high graffiti wall at COMMFEST this year. Moreover, it is stress releasing and can enhance their knowledge of arts,” Genie Chang, Director of “My Humble Words" explains, “The ‘Crossover’ creation is beneficial to enhancing the art communication and promoting Cultural Creative Industries between the Mainland and Macau.”

“My Humble Words’’ wants participants to realize that creating graffiti is similar to unmediated interpersonal communication. Once we spray-paint an image on a wall, the wall is permanently marked as a consequence. The image remains as a sign of what you have done. On social media, we can express ourselves freely, but sometimes, our actions may influence someone else and bring about unintended consequences.  Even if we delete our posts right away, we may have already triggered some change or consequence. The impact of our post still exists and we cannot act as if nothing has happened. Thus, the organizers of this event hope that the participants will think carefully and consider the consequences before they act, whether on social media or in their real lives.

The University of Macau Year 4 Communication students will present a remarkable set of events at the 16th Communication Festival, 2018. The theme this year is “Soliloquist”, a role the students plan to embody in the age of social media and as representatives of the so-called Generation Y. COMMFEST 2018 will provide festival participants valuable chances to reflect on and rethink their own identities while being mindful of how it is shaped as well as subverted by social media.

'My Humble Words' 

24 April 2:30p.m. at E21-E22 Central Avenue, University of Macau.

Open Time:

April 24th: 2:30p.m.~ 6:00.p.m

April 26th: 1:00p.m.~6:00.p.m

Apriil 27th: 1:00p.m.~6:00.p.m