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In November 2011, the inaugural Macau Fashion Link (MFL) brought glamour, style and beauty to the city with a fashion show featuring both local and international designers.  And after a one-year hiatus, this month Macau Fashion Link returns, but with a slightly different approach.
“Last year we began rethinking the concept,” explains Manuel C.S., one of the event organisers. “While fashion shows are a great way to promote new designers, they are not always commercially effective in helping them to reach out to the market.  So this year we are organising a Pop-up Shop event that will really allow fashion lovers in Macau to meet the designers and purchase their items.”
The Pop-up Shop event will be held from June 14 to 30 at Albergue SCM.  It will feature seven local designers/brands, with a mixture of young, new designers together with more established ones.  
In keeping with MFL’s goal of bringing local and international designers together, with a particular focus on connecting Chinese and Portuguese talents, this year’s event will also feature two renowned designers/brands from Portugal, Dino Alves and Aforest Design.
Creating an opportunity for local designers to engage with potential customers, the MFL Pop-up Shop event will host ‘Designer’s Rooms’, where one particular day will be dedicated to a particular designer.  On these days, the designer will themselves be present to meet with buyers and discuss their designs.  All their products will be discounted by 25 percent on their day.
And for those keen to enjoy the glam of the catwalk, Manuel C.S. assures that the traditional MFL Fashion Show is still on the way later in the year.
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