It never ceases to amaze me how the lending organizations here in Macau (ok, let’s not mince words, I mean our banks) and the valuation firms can be so shortsighted when it comes to assessing mortgage loans on older properties.

Hands up who’s been to Shenzhen recently? I’m embarrassed to confess that I’ve not been for over 25 years, unless a taxi drive last summer past the outskirts of the city on the way to the Artists Village counts.

Among the Chinese writers who participated in this year’s Macau Literary Festival, one of the highlights must be Yu Hua. Born on April 3, 1960 in Hangzhou, Yu grew up during the era of the Cultural Revolution.

I have always been inspired by street-style patched jackets and knew it would be a super easy DIY to recreate.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. So began Sands China’s Director of Sustainability, Syed Mubarak when he spoke recently at a British Business Association of Macao breakfast briefing.

Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son of the late North Korean leader Kin Jong-il, and the half brother of the country’s current leader Kim Jong-un, was assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on February 13 this year.

It’s often said that ‘When China sneezes, Macau catches a cold’. 
“You have to feel the winter to paint the winter.” - 
Yugo, December 2016
Our world seems to be gradually slipping into chaos: volatile stock markets, SARS and flus, financial crisis, nuclear threat, population explosion, and the recent Brexit and the United States’ exclusive stance...

Last month marked a momentous occasion for Las Vegas; on December 2, the maiden voyage of Hainan Airlines’ new non-stop flight arrived from Beijing and landed at McCarran International Airport at 11am local time.