From Brexit to Trump’s election as president of the United States, to the rise of the extreme right wing after the elections in Germany…it seems that the greatest danger in today’s world is perhaps not an economic crisis or even global warming issues, but one that is rooted in people’s minds.
Journalist for the Business Daily newspaper Sheyla Zandonai called me the other day for information on office rentals in Macau.  She was writing an article on how our rental rates compare to those in Hong Kong.  And her focus was specifically on ‘Grade A’ buildings.
I was fortunate to receive a copy of Union Gaming’s latest Macau Almanac (July 2017) the other day.
On August 23, Typhoon Hato, which was considered as the strongest one in 50 years, struck Macau. Our neighbour Hong Kong hoisted typhoon signal number 8 at 5:20am that day.
Earlier this month the 33-member general Legislative Assembly approved the following, to come into effect in six months time:
Being the “unique two” “Special Administrative Regions”, Macau and Hong Kong are like brothers in arms – the two cities share common characteristics such as languages and cultures, economic developments as well as governmental rules.
I’ve been becoming more and more troubled over the past few years on what I see as muddled labour policies and practices here in Macau.
The copyright of the very popular Japanese  TV series Shinya Shokudo (Midnight Canteen) was bought by a mainland Chinese audiovisual company in order to make a Chinese version.
Returning from an overseas trip earlier this month, I traveled on the 7pm ferry from the Hong Kong airport to the new Pac On ferry terminal in Taipa.  I got off the ferry with eager anticipation – what would this behemoth of a building, which has taken over 10 years to build, be like?
This year’s Macao Arts Festive presented Westland Feuds, a traditional Chinese play rarely seen on stage in Macau. The play was adapted from the fiction book of the same title written by the Shaanxi author, Chen Zhongshi.