Everyone  likes to have young-looking, healthy skin. It gives us a confidence boost and simply makes us happier. Unfortunately, not everyone wakes up in the morning looking like a princess. Most of us have to do a lot of work just to look “so-so”.
Earlier in the month of November, I attended Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre – a major landmark for the city.
Reading On Children (Taipei: Locus Publishing) could easily make a parent break into a cold sweat.

We have been talking about developing the local arts and cultural industry in Macau for over a decade. The initiative was first discussed on the government level more than ten years ago.

I have written many book reviews, but I have never felt so sad, as I do now. Behind this collection of essays, Becoming 18 in the Air, is a young life that abruptly ended at just 18 years of age: Marco Lam Kuan Long.  
Nowadays many people choose to follow a healthy lifestyle - people concerned about health and well-being for themselves and their families. It is natural then to want to extend these healthy habits to other aspects of day to day life, like the choice of cosmetics to use. 
I was recently invited to be a mentor and judge for the Universal Start-up Weekend held here in Macau.  This particular event focused on promoting women entrepreneurs, with most team members being female.
In the last few years, essential oils have become super trendy. When I think of it, almost every second friend of mine uses them on a daily basis. 

I visited the city of Bristol in South West England recently to attend my nephew’s graduation.

After her last novel Children of Darkness,Hong Kong writer Wong Bik-Wan spent six years quietly working on her new book. The “non-fictitious novel” named The Death of Lo Kei was published this year, based on a true story that happened in Hong Kong.