Hayley Lyla

Hayley Lyla is the founder of Studio179 and a creative entrepreneur. she writes about the fashion, design and technology. Alongside MacauCLOSER, She contributes with titles including The Closeteur and more from her home base of Hong Kong. Much of her work can also be seen on her lifestyle & fashion-focused blog - "179CM & UP" consisting a carefully curated edit of photography and personal thoughts on topics ranging from travel to food, design to fashion.  
Please visit www.hayleylyla.com for more of her work. 
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Have you noticed that satin slippers and mules are making a huge comeback?  These are the kind of shoes my mum used to wear!
In this ​issue, we bring you some upcycling tips and ideas on making what you thought was a mistake-of-a-purchase, into your next fave piece. The best part is, you definitely won’t have to worry about running into someone with the same thing on.

I have always been inspired by street-style patched jackets and knew it would be a super easy DIY to recreate.

When I first started going to Shenzhen for work, I was introduced to a place called OCT loft (literally Overseas Chinese Town) where I found the Little Thing Shop - a creative assembly of indie Chinese and Asian labels of crafty bits and pieces from all around the world.

Whilst I’m not a hit-the-gym-seven-days-a week, low carb / high protein diet type of girl, I do happen to like exercise.

The cool weather is still here with us for a little while longer, and this issue I want to give some tips to all the men out there, with a look at some trends in Men’s fashion for the autumn/winter 2016/17 collections.  Guys, this is