Suzanne Watkinson

Suzanne is a regular contributor to Macau Closer for the Home Affairs section and she also writes an opinion piece, In Residence. She and her team are specialists in Macau real estate, handling the leasing, purchase, sales, renovation and on-going management of residential and commercial properties for local and overseas investors.
Suzanne Watkinson - Managing Director of Ambiente Properties Ltd. 奧比安物業公司總經理 
“2018 will be a year of stability for Macau’s property market“.
I’ve recently experienced both sad news and a patch of really bad luck.  I’ll spare readers the gory details, but it’s got me thinking – is it true what they say that trouble, or bad luck, comes in threes?  
Now that the excesses of the Christmas season are almost behind us, as tradition dictates most of us start planning the New Year’s resolutions we’re going to make.  
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